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Perfect for:
  • Trade Show Giveaways
  • Corporate Events & Outings
  • Executive & Corporate Gift Giving
  • Say “Thank You”
  • Holiday Gifts
  • Customer Appreciation
Just to name a few…

Whether you realize it or not, you work for lots of other businesses, as well as your own. Every time you use a pen, drink from a mug, wear a T-shirt or cap, carry a shopping bag, or hang up a calendar that has another company’s name on it, you’re promoting them. By using those products, you’re reminded and remind others who those companies are and what they do.

If you want to be sure your company name and advertising message is seen, repeatedly, by an unlimited group of prospects, you should put promotional products in the hands of your customers. In other words, put your customers to work!

Also known as advertising specialties, promotional products can be used to accomplish a variety of business goals – boost sales, increase traffic, introduce a new product, say “thanks” or increase awareness of a special event. And when compared to other types of advertising, you can’t beat the cost per impression! More people will be exposed to your message more times, at a lower cost, than if it appeared using any other type of advertising.

Registry for Excellence can provide you with an extensive selection of promotional products to suit any need or budget. We offer everything from mugs to apparel to high-end corporate gifts.

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